To thermal or not to thermal.....

To thermal or not to thermal.....

Thermal cameras can be an eye-opening experience on jobsites (and your home). While more serious cases call for a certified thermographer, it is an easy and useful tool for diagnosing building issues:

·       Non-invasive - Enable you to see inside the walls that can saved money and time when issues arise.

·       Can save money & prevent energy loss – as the cameras can locate missing insulation or air leaks quickly to eliminate waste.

·       Assist is preventative maintenance and safety - Can quickly locate electrical overloads that can cause shorts or even fires.

·       Reduces down time – Jobsite schedules can operate normally and work does not have to stop/slow down for a thermal inspection.

·       Pest infestations – A non-invasive approach to location rodents with walls, etc. 

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