That's All, Folks!: 2016 EDR Studio Summer Olympics Recap

That's All, Folks!: 2016 EDR Studio Summer Olympics Recap

Another EDR Studio Olympics has come and gone, and this year's spectacular displays of office "athleticism" will be remembered for years to come. From the delightful opening ceremony balloon toss at our annual company barbecue to the epic ping-pong wars fought on an adapted conference table, the games were played with strength, finesse and class.

Here's a recap of this year's events: 


Below are the medalists from the 2016 EDR Studio Summer Olympics: 

Balloon Toss

  • Noah Marble & Michael Nunnink [GOLD]
  • Ian O'Cain & Kyle Culver [SILVER]
  • Tom Gibbons & Mark Ripple [BRONZE]




Table Tennis

  • Jacob Dunn [GOLD]
  • Aseem Deshpande [SILVER]
  • Isaac Cohen [BRONZE]


Office Rowing

rowing pic.JPG
  • Haley Allen, Ian O'Cain, Shawn Preau, Jacob Dunn [GOLD]
  • Max Katz, Michael Nunnink, Jenifer Navard, Marina Michael [SILVER]
  • Vanessa Smith-Torres, Mary Grace Verges, Jeannine Ford, Emily Heausler [BRONZE]




Mini Golf

  • Course 1:
    • Aseem Deshpande [GOLD]
    • Vanessa Smith-Torres & Ian O'Cain [SILVER]
    • Jeannine Ford & Luke Jones [BRONZE]


  • Course 2: 
    • Michael Johnson & Isaac Cohen [GOLD]
    • Christian Rodriguez [SILVER]
    • Mark Hash [BRONZE]




  • Isaac Cohen [GOLD]
  • Jacob Dunn [SILVER]
  • Anthony Bayers [BRONZE]





Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Mark Hash [GOLD]
  • Tom Gibbons [SILVER]
  • Pearson Smith [BRONZE]



Thanks to the entire studio, the Olympic Committee and the always-pleasant Olympic Chairperson Tom Gibbons for putting these games on and making every event a fun time for all!